Multidisciplinary Summer School 2022


Summer School Overview

The Multidisciplinary Summer School “Corporate Sustainability: from CSR to ESG” offers both undergraduate and graduate students from all Academic Institutions one week of intensive in person or online learning designed around the issue of how to promote and implement “sustainability” values in corporations, intended as one of the most important business institutions of the contemporary world.

The Summer School intends to be  interdisciplinary and international and to combine teaching on conceptual and theoretical frameworks with more skills-building-oriented seminars, in order to promote knowledge, competences and skills among students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level of studies on various issues currently relating to the evolution of the CSR and SRI legal and economic doctrines into a more perspicuous and, possibly, more effective ESG regulatory approach.

Professors and policy leaders from a range of disciplines – coming from ten different countries – will address these changes: from corporate governance and securities regulation, to bankruptcy and contract law, to banking and tax law, to innovation, IP, and administrative law, to environmental, criminal, and canon and ecclesiastical law. (A complete description of the Summer School Faculty is available in the Summer School Program pdf leaflet above).

The Corporate Sustainability Multidisciplinary Summer School arises out of a Sustainable Corporations Symposium co-organized in April 2021 by Professors Alan Palmiter (Wake Forest Law) and Maurizio Bianchini (Padova Law) and it has been further developed as an educational project designed within the framework of the “Shaping a World Class University” mission, thanks to which the University of Padua promotes and funds initiatives of In Person and Virtual Exchanges and Networking for Padova students and faculty.

Partners of the Summer School project are, in addition to all the Academic Institutions involved, the “Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics Blog” and “ELSA Padova”.


Summer School General Information

Summer School Program:

The Summer School will take place in the last week of September 2022, and it will offer an intensive set of lectures (Mon-Fri 2:00-7:15 pm). The full program is ready for download in this web page.

The Summer School is designed to be naturally interdisciplinary, with the aim of allowing different voices, approaches and disciplines to confront along common lines. The teaching program is designed to allow a balance between lecturers from the University of Padua and foreign lecturers, in order to enhance the mutuality of the exchange.

Attendance to 80% of the lectures is a pre-condition to apply for a “Certificate of Attendance”.

Enrollment Instructions:

Please note that all the Summer School lectures will be offered in person and online (via Zoom platform). Please note that attendance in person is limited to a maximum of 36 students and in person enrollment will occur on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are planning on attending the Summer School online (via Zoom), please note that you need first to enroll in the Summer School in order to have online access to the Summer School lectures.

Summer School Program enrollment shall occur by filling up the Padova Summer School Enrollment Form below (please remember that students’ enrollment starts at 3:00 pm CEST of the 23rd of August, and ends at 11:59 pm CEST of the 19th of September, 2022; and please remember to attach to the Form a scanned colour copy of your University badge, or other official document showing your current student status).

Enrollment Deadline: 19 September, 2022, 11.59 pm CEST.

Link to the (mandatory) Enrollment Form:

(Please remember to have a Student ID pdf ready, to be attached to your Enrollment Form)

Summer School E-Mail Contact:

(Please note that e-mail messages cannot substitute enrollment to the Summer School through the Enrollment Form. Please remember to always use your own Academic Institution e-mail address when communicating with the Summer School).


Summer School Scientific Committee and Summer School Director

The Padova Multidisciplinary Summer School “Corporate Sustainability: from CSR to ESG” Scientific Committee is composed by Prof. Alan R. Palmiter (William T. Wilson, III, Presidential Chair for Business Law, Wake Forest University, School of Law, Winston-Salem, NC, USA) and Prof. Maurizio Bianchini (associate professor of Business Law at the University of Padova, School of Law).

Professor Maurizio Bianchini also serves as the Summer School Director.